When you are about to deliver your baby, you read and research a lot. As a first-time parent, you need to read every piece of information related to parenting to know how to raise a baby. However, until and unless you don’t have a child of your own, you can never understand what being a parent really is. There are things which no books teach you, and you will only gain knowledge about it after you have a child of your own. 

Find below some of the things no book can ever teach you about being a parent.


Breastfeeding Is Not Easy

While you might read everywhere how breastfeeding is such a natural process for most women, in reality, it is not. Breastfeeding is not easy and it does not come naturally to everyone, and sometimes you might have to face a situation where you have to opt for formula or resort to pumping only for your child. Although it is the best thing to give to your child, it certainly doesn’t have to be the only option, and you can go for other ways to feed your child. 


Newborns Don’t Sleep As Much As You See Around You

Generally, newborns should sleep for about 18 hours, but every child is different, and not every child will sleep that much. Some kids don’t want to sleep even after doing everything, and hence you might think you are doing something wrong but don’t worry, the child will settle down on its own. You need to have some patience before your child falls into a routine.



Being a parent is hard no matter what. You might not know how to take care of a newborn completely dependent on you, and sometimes while it might get overwhelming its is the best feeling ever, and you will be the most satisfied when you see your child’s unconditional love for you. Then it’s all worth it!